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    July 8, 2013
    5:00 - 6:01am PDT  

>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, on this monday. it is 5:00. thanks for joining us. i am kristen z. >> i am eric thomas. we have scattered fog this morning. >> less pervasive. what is going on in your neighborhood. mike? >> partly cloudy to cloudy conditions in the eat bay and south bay with clear conditions. with the cloud cover, even, it is dry this morning. visibility is running fine. go not have patchy fog but we will watch sfo to see if there are delays. >> warm inland from 78 in the north bay to 90 in the east bay. it will be mild around the bay from 67 in san francisco to 74 in oakland. in the south bay we will be around 80 in sunnyvale and at
the coast the clouds will linger >> have a great day. leyla gulen? >> we are tracking an accident involving a big rig northbound 101 in san jose. we will get to that in a minute but right now we are looking at heavy traffic over the altamont pass. look at this: plenty of red at 34 miles per hour in the last half hour. you can see the traffic is building incredibly as we make it in the westbound distribution. through the pass you are at 36 miles per hour and then top speed in the westbound direction and toward livermore. the mass transit shows four-hour delay on the starlight amtrak train number 14 because of police activity in martinez. it is on the way but it is delayed. bart, muni, and everything else is on time. the bay bridge toll plaza is wide open and clear from emeryville to san francisco. >> 5:30 1. who are learning more of the pilots of the asiana 777. the man at controls had little
experience with the aircraft and never landed the plane at sfo before. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more. amy? >> asiana airlines now is saying that the pilot was in training to fly the buying 777 and he had 43 hours experience flying it. here is video we have just gotten in from the ntsb showing investigators close up getting at look at the wreckage. they say that the plane was coming in so slowly it almost stalled and at 1.5 seconds before the crash they considered aborting the landing and circling around and trying again by it was too late. investigators got this information from cockpit and data recorders but on "good morning america" this morning the ntsb chairwoman cautions against jumping to conclusions. >> certainly in our investigation what we know, sometime was we find out in the first few minutes or hours or
days of an accident is very preliminary information. it is trying to put together all the facts to help us get a complete picture. >> she says everything is on the table right now. nothing has been ruled out. she says they still have a lot of work to do. asiana airlines chief executive says that the plane was only seven years old and had no known engine offer mechanical problems . >> thank you, with that one runway still closed at sfo more delays and cancellations and more passenger frustration are likely today. the situation appears to be improving. abc7 news reporter is here with more coverage. >> some ticket counters are open and at the international terminal people are arriving to be the first in line at the
counters. check out this video from the past half hour, the jetblue flight was originally scheduled to leave at 11:30 last night but was delayed until 2:10 and canceled at 1:35. they were told they could leave by wednesday at the earliest. another group we spoke with was scheduled to leave a few hours ago after being a day and a half. >> we were going to get another connection from here to taiwan to beijing. we leave here at 1:30 this morning. >> flee of four runways are open and some said yesterday they arrived an extra five hours before the flight just to be safe. i looked at the flight board and no cancellations yet for departing but i saw one for an arrival and very few delays. it looks like it could be running more smoothly fed at sfo. we will monitor the situation all morning at abc7 news.
>> we have video of a passenger jet coming from yards of asiana flight 214 as it crashed. look at the highlight united airlines jet taxiing by the crash getting ready for take off when the other plane hit the ground and flight 214 slides sending up a cloud. the twain twirls and smoke comes out. we talked to a man on united who said there was a lost confusion when flight 214 crashed. >> the people on the right side of the plane did not know anything happened and the people on the left heard a "boom" and some saw things go flying by. you look closer and you saw the tail of the plane lying separate and the smoke was coming out
amid the wreckage. >> his flight came to a stop and spent three hours on the plane before it went back to the gate. he was able to rebook the trip to japan yesterday. >> several investigators and the san francisco police department are asking for any video taken of the crash as it happened. investigators say the ones they have seen are providing valuable clues of what happened. investigators are also asking media outlets for video. they want to see aerial footage of the accident scene. can you send us your pictures at . >> we are reporting throughout the morning and on twitter. go to abc7 news come to see the photos of the crash scene that the ntsb has released. >> 5:06 and a check on the forecast. mike? >> we have low clouds. this is what we are seeing from mount tamalpais on a thin and minor marine layer.
there will be low grass and mold and moderate ozone but the u.v. index is very high outside today. the day planner the next 12 hours is cooler morning with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's across the board and by noon, 60 at the coast and 70 around the bay and 80 inland and 60 at the coast at 4:00 under a partly sunny sky. we will have 76 and sunshine around the bay and 88 inland and as we head toward 7:00 it will drop down to 82 inland and 68 around the bay and 58 at the coast. the next three days, because today is warmer than year, and tomorrow will be warmer than today. we will pull back wednesday and we will see a more dramatic drop in the temperature by thursday. we will be from three degrees cooler at the coast to ten degrees cooler inland. leyla gulen? >> good morning, mike, we have an accident involving a big rig,
a hit-and-run accident in san jose at fair oaklands avenue on the shoulder. it is not blocking any lanes and you can see top speed northbound and southbound along 101 at 237 south bay freeway. as we take a look at sfo, with a flight to catch despite the delays we have clear conditions along 101 and 64 miles per hour is the top speed. you are looking at 12 minute commute from san francisco to the airport. outside, at the maze, eastbound 80 coming away from 580 the tail lights pushing to 580 westbound over to the bay bridge toll plaza we are in good shape. >> fewer pentagon workers are on the job today. the bloomberg business report is next.
>> first, though, the tech bytes >> is dell going to make wearable fec products? they will follow in the footsteps of google glass by developing their own line of ultra portable products. metro last light posted a game that takes way in the year 2034 and the characters and setting really set this game apart. what is strike about "metro" is the real design that has gone into the subway in the video. "metro last flight" is available for xbox and play station. make i
>> covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:12. you can see the hulk of asiana flight 214 sitting off runway 28 left at san francisco international airport. more on the crash moments away. >> the two chinese students who died in the crash were part of a student group headed to a summer camp in southern california. worshippers at the west valley christian church and school in west hills, los angeles,
remember the crash victims at sunday services. the families who were there to host the students were among the first to offer their sympathy. >> i have three children and i struck me, as a mom, to think of sending my children off on a wonderful, what was to be a pleasurable trip and to have something like that happen... >> west valley christian says they have received word that students canceled the trip to southern california and will be going back home to china. >> after looking at the wreckage of asiana flight 214 you may wonder how to increase your odds of survival of a plane crash according to the ntsb. the survivor rate is pretty high, 95 percent. studies suggest those who brace for impact and who it is to the back of the plane do better. however, experts state impact itself is not the only danger for passengers. >> if you cannot instantly determine the source and severity of the smoke you must consider it to be a threat to
the airplane. >> the f.a.a. advises people to sit as close as possible to exits and not to sleep during take off and landing. >> happening today the national transportation safety board is sending a team of investigators to the site of a deadly plane crash in alaska. all ten were killed when the small plane went down yesterday at the airport 75 miles from anchorage. authorities say the air take was fully engulfed in flames before firefighters could get to it. there are reports the plane crashed while taking off. investigators are working to confirm that much of the identities of the victims are fought released. >> police in canada believe they will find more bodies as a derailed train carrying crude oil burns. the train derailed this weekend after a series of explosions and fire followed killing at least file people and destroying much of the downtown area. the cars became uncoupled from the train's engine.
>> hundreds of thousands of pentagon workers are forced to take extra time off this summer, starting today. here is the bloomberg business report. >> starting in february of next year, help if i is will no longer contain levels of a chemical linked to cancer and will adjust other chemicals because some drinks have to have a cancer warning label. pepsi cut level in california but it is still across the rest of the make. coke has made the switch. fewer pentagon workers are on the job today with 650,000 civilian pentagon employees are taking 11, unpaid, forced days off resulting in $2 billion in spending cuts. on thursday, the 7/11 free
slurpy day asking fans to weapon the dance on-line and post a video of your own dance on facebook at the new york stock exchange with the bit business. >> state lawmaker is calling for condoms to be available to prisoners to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. prisoners have unprotected sex in prison leading to h.i.v. and other diseases. he wants the department of corrections to distribute condoms in five prison by 2015 and expand the program to the we 33 adult prison no later than 2020. >> starting today, muir beach is closed for several months. the park service says there will be major upgrade until november. they are planning on re-doing the parking lot and putting in a new picnic area. it is paid for through the oil spill settlement with businesses
open and the coastal trail but this will not be any beach parking or restrooms until november which could be tough. >> now we will see how the weather is starting off this morning. >> not beach weather. >> not really, but it could be later this afternoon if you like sunshine and temperatures around 60. we will look and show you what is going on, nothing like what we dealt with last week. good morning, everyone, at 5:17. we have cloud cover especially across the north bay and across the heart of the bay and in the east bay and south bay we have live doppler 7 hd not picking up any in the way of should cover. lowest visibility is half moon bay and livermore is nine so we will keep our fingers crossed at sfo. temperatures in the mid-50's today in the east bay inland neighbors and 59 in brentwood for the warm spot. and the hills are around 62. 55 in danville and concord is 54. dublin/pleasanton at 53. most of us are in the
mid-to-upper 50's and northwest so cooler at 51 along with calistoga at 50. 58 in cupertino. you can see an area of high pressure dominating our weather and pushing the storm track to the north today and tomorrow but see the cold front, that will push the high away and drop down into our neighborhoods and bring us significant cooling trend starting wednesday. if you like the seasonally warm weather, we have it for you today and tomorrow. temperatures are in the low-to-mid 80's in the south bay and the coolest pot is milpitas at 78 and the peninsula, today, mostly sunny and low-to-mid 70's for millbrae and san mateo and everyone else in the upper 70's to near 80. at the coast, pacifica is a cool spot at 58, and 59 in daly city and 62 in downtown and 72 in south san francisco. sausalito is 70 but check out san rafael, and petaluma and sonoma at 78 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80's and 58 at bodega bay. if you are along the east bay
shore, a comfortable day at mid-70's. near 90 in fairfield and antioch and bankrupt -- brentwood. mets take on the giants around 62 at 7:15 and dropping to 58. most temperatures are in the 50's and less cloud cover than we are dealing with this morning. the seven-day outlook shows warmest today, and we will drop mostly at the coast and around the bay on wednesday but the cooling trend will push inland from thursday, hack -- hang around friday and saturday and back to normal on wednesday and thursday. >> in santa rosa we have a second big rig crash northbound 101 that has veered off the freeway and jackknifed causing slowing but it does not appear to block lanes. in the richmond-san rafael
bridge we have volume building into san rafael at 52 miles per hour for top speed. at highway four we have a construction project until 3:00 p.m. with fence work port chicago morning and southbound on-ramp to eastbound highway four shut down until 3:00 p.m. and westbound highway four from antioch to pittsburg is slow at 44 miles per hour in pittsburg. in san jose, the drive away from 17 is six minutes northbound to cupertino. kristen and eric? >> ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. >> disgraced cyclist lance armstrong reveal what happens is next for him when he will put on the racing jersey. >> the most hazardous amateur sports is off and k9 advantix ii not only kills fleas and ticks,
it also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii!
>> it is 5:23 and we have the wreckage of asiana flight 214 at sfo runway where ntsb continues to look through debris and wreckage seeking clues. we have a new focus that emerges overnight regarding the pilot who was a trainee and first time landing a 777 with more on the investigation and continuing to follow the impact at sfo this morning. here are seven things to know: video released by the ntsb shows the wreckage of 214 with
investigators focusing on the pilot experience or lack thereof and the last few seconds before the plane crashed into sfo on saturday. our team coverage continues a few minutes from now at 5:30. >> the one runway is still closed at sfo and more delays and cancellations and more passenger frustration are possible today but the situation appears to be improving. abc7 news reporter is going to bring us updates next half hour. >> this is a new picture of the two chinese girls who died. we learned yesterday one of the girls may have been run over by a rescue vehicle on the sfo tarmac. >> we could learn today if the new span of the bay bridge will open labor day weekend as originally planned. the bridge oversight committee will brief the lawmakers about the safety bolts that cracked in march and how long officials think it will take to install steel saddles to fix the
problem. >> bart trains will run today, the first full day of weekday service since union workers ended a 4 1/2 day strike much the threat remains that workers could walk off the job again. bart management and union leaders have until august 4 to hammer out a new contract. >> we are looking from the exploritorium at our camera showing low clouds that will not hang around long with a warming trend the next couple of days in the forecast. we will show you how hot it will be before the cooling trend for the weekend. >> a look at guantanamo bay where -- the bay bridge toll plaza where the cash paying lanes are piling up. details straight ahead. >> leyla gulen, thank you. disgraced cycling champion lance armstrong will ride again. he announced this morning he is riding in the first race since he confessed to mass doping to win the seven tour de france races and the admission came after years of denying and investigation.
armstrong will take part in a try across iowa for the des moines register newspaper this month. he will be part of the bicycle shop team. >> the running of the bulls is underway in spain. despite thousands who try and run ahead of the bulls in the streets, four people were hurt and no one was gored yesterday in the first run. the bulls run short of a thousand yards into a central ring for face off against will bullfighters, part of a festival that is televised nationally. >> the abc7 morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> here is a look at the wreckage -- no, that is bart. there is the picture of asiana flight 214, 777 at sfo. much more ahead on the new developments including what we are hearing from the first members of the crew to speak since the crash. >> also ahead, the delays
passengers at sfo are still experiencing this morning days after the flight
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:29. thanks for starting your day with us. i am kristen sze. >> a lot of big developments involving asiana flight 214, the crash over the weekend. first, the weather? >> still cool with patchy fog. mike? >> starting off with the 50's and cloud cover in the bay and the north bay and along the coast. east and south bay you will get some but it will be late and it will retreat quickly and you can see from mount tamalpais the cloud cover is hanging around the san francisco bay. this afternoon, look at this sunshine inland from 78 in the north bay to 90 in the east bay valley. it will be mild an the bay from
67 in san francisco to 80 headed into the south bay and it will be cool at the coast with less sun shine and 58 to 64. how is the morning commute? >> it is more eventful with a couple of crashes involving big rigs and we have plenty of congestion to get to. the first crash is in san jose along northbound 101 at fair oaks avenue involving a big rig. it is possibly blocking one lane and we are not seeing any delays as a result but as you reach santa rosa, northbound 101, this big rig jackknifed so there could be a visual problem that is not impacting the lanes. over the altamont pass, slow, slow, at 41 minutes from tracy to dublin. walnut creek southbound along 680 is building and it is only 90 minutes headed away from highway 4 to the 24 junction. >> we have the latest on the crash of the asiana airliner at
san francisco international airport. we have a new picture we got overnight at the two chinese girls who died. we also have new video overnight from the ntsb and a new focus in the investigation the. pilot error. now the latest from sfo. >> we have learned that the pilot was inexperienced, training and coming in too low and too slow but the ntsb says do not jump to conclusions about who or what is to blame. hire is new video we just got in from the ntsb showing closeups of the wreckage. investigators are looking at it from runway at sfo. the cockpit and the data recorders provided good information for them, including the fact that the pilot wanted to abort the landing when they realized they were going so slow they almost stalled. asiana airlines has revealed that the pilot was in training
to fly this airplane but the ntsb chairwoman said they look at the whole picture. >> there are different ratings and that is what we have. a pilot qualified for fly multiple fleet of aircraft and asiana has multiple different types of aircraft in the fleet. we want to look at that and understand training, we want to understand experience, we also want to understand crew resource management and how the two crew members are working together in the cockpit. >> she says everything is on the table right new and nothing has been ruled out or in and she says they still have a lot of work to do. it is 5:32. while the not conserve determines the cause of the crash, asiana airlines is quick to defend the pilot who was landing the boeing 777. in seoul, the president of the
airline said "all responsibility lies in the trainer. co-pilot, not the trainee pilot" saying they were both experiences and following proper international procedure for training on a new aircraft. frightening new information of the battle to get survives off the burning asiana jet and save some of the flight crew members who were pinned by the plane's own safety devices. abc7 news cover has that part of the story. cornell? >> good morning, just amaze that so many people escaped the jet despite the chaos of the smoke and flames. the wreckage of the asiana jet remains east runway here at sfo as the investigation continues. new reports of the a.p. indicate that the evacuation started very badly. two evacuation slides inflated inside the cabin, not outside, choking and pinning two flight
attendants to the floor. other flight attendants used axs to rescue them and assists passengers to get." the bravery of the passengers is becoming clear. one girl's father escaped the plane and took photos of the aftermath and helped others get out and away from the aircraft. he said he knew the plane was going to crash. she said she is praying for the survivors and for the victims. >> i think of the two casualties that didn't make it and my prayers...i cannot even recognize how their families must feel not being able to reunite. some will never heal from this. my dad: >> it impact was so powerful, i thought that was it, i thought i was dying. >> more information now of the brave flight attendants on board.
one put a scared schoolboy on her back and slid down a slide. another worked to put out a fire inside the cabin before assisting other passengers and getting herself out of the just remarkable stories here. >> cornell, thank you, survivors of the crash staying at several peninsula hotels are getting help from airline representatives. this is cell phone video from inside one of the hotels. survivors are being interviewed by ntsb investigators and are being asked to fill out paperwork. representatives from asiana airlines and united airlines, star alliance partner, are helping in the process. a korean woman on the flight told us how she is feeling. >> i am okay. but two members of our team are injureed.
one get out of the hospital. >> she and another passenger walked along the shoreline because they wanted it see the remnants of the plane crash they survived. they also took photos of it from the distance. >> this morning, the ntsb is appealing for anyone who shot video of the plane as it went down to contact authorities. several people captured dramatic video of the crash including some of watching planes take off and land at sfo. >> oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! >> freeze hazy was taking video of the approach to the runway and he saw it hit a seawall and move down the runway before resting in a cloud of dust and smoke. >> i thought he was going to take off and go up and he kept going down. i thought, okay, he was a little high and of course...the shock of seeing the accident and hearing the noise.
>> haze hopes vest girls can learn something from this video to help figure out what went wrong. >> three of the four runways at sfo are in operation this morning but airport officials are warning passengers to be ready for more possible delays today. runway 2h right re-opened a day after being shut down following the crash. runway next to it, 2h left is still closed and will be until investigators clear the wreckage from the crashed flight. at 6:00 a.m., abc7 news reporter will have more on the possible delays or cancellations passengers may face today at sfo. >> this morning investigators are trying to figure out if one of the two girls killed in the crash may have been run over by a fire truck on the tarmac. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the china spokesman said it is not known if she suffered from the plane crash or from
being run over by a vehicle. there are no autopsy reports yet. >> we are learning more of the two chinese students killed in the crash. this is another photo of the 16-year-old girl who was part of a group of chinese students on the way to a youth catch. they were also planning to visit cal and ucla and were in the back of the plane as its crashed. on her social media page she wrote on friday a day before the flight saying "go." >> we will have more on the crash at sfo through the morning and our reporting continues on twitter@abcnewsbayarea and to see the photos released by the ntsb so far. >> we will turn it over to meteorologist mike nicco and check out the patchy fog. >> from the roof camera across treasure island over to the east
bay hills temperatures are going to be warmer headed in the afternoon hours from one degree in san francisco to two in fremont and 78 and concord is 87 and santa rosa is 82 and 74 today in oakland and san jose is 83, four degrees warmer than yesterday. from the golden gate bridge you can see the clouds are low but not fog. we are not having any issues with reduced visibility. the next 12 hours 54 to 58 with mainly gray start and brighter by noon but for the coast is at 60 and 80 inland and the coast will see sunshine but you will hold around 60 in the afternoon to 88 inland and 58 at the coast this evening to 82 is the warmest spot inland. this is how it looks in san jose this morning -- obviously we have issues with that feed. temperatures are warmer tomorrow. leyla gulen? >> good morning, mike. lots of traffic building on the roads. mostly clear conditions along the peninsula. we had an early crash involving
a big rig that cleared. this crash still there and it is a big rig that appears partly turn over and it jackknifed but it isn't blocking any lanes and over to the shoulder. northbound 101 is carrying 66,000 pounds of cargo. we are not sure what kind of cargo but it is going to be quite the mess to clean up. northbound 101 is where we had another big rig accident and that cleared with clear conditions northbound and southbound along 101 by the south bay freeway and outside we go, the maze is looking busy and we make our drive westbound 580 to 280 we are seeing a loading up of traffic at cash-pay lanes. >> bay area hospitals are pushed to the limits and some passengerred suffered serious injuries and others did not. >> today we find out if the new bay bridge opens maybe day weekend and we are getting word
of what that decision
>> investigators are looking into mechanical issues at san francisco international airport that may have made the asiana airline crash unique. there is a system that beams
information to the plane to tell the president if he is on the right landing path. that system has been out of service since june because of construction. however, piles can still rely on eyesight and knowledge to make a correct approach. >> perhaps they found themselves too slow, too slow, coming in over the water and maybe there was depth perception problems when they were where they needed to be. there are a series of white and red lights telling the pilot if who is too high or too low. officials are not sure if the lights were on. of 182 victims taken to a dozen bay area hops only a handful remain if critical condition. friend general reports that six patients remain in critical condition including one child. stanford has two in critical condition. all minors have been released. some hospitalized are in bad shape. the chief of surgery at san
francisco john says the passengers most seriously hurt were in the back of the plane which slammed into the ground first. >> some patients had severe road rash suggesting they remain dragged but we are not sure if they were outside of the plane. both of those parents are alive. >> some parents underwent multiple surgeries lasting several hours. the chief of we surgery says without the triage effort more passenger would have died at the airport. i talked to a man would jumped from the plane on the chute and said a lot people got hurt going down the chute. that is ongoing problem with the case. >> time for a check on the forecast. mike? >> you can see it is gray behind us and it will be that way for the better part of the morning and until 1:00 with a lot of sunshine to deal with.
a bit of a warming trend so to rain in this forecast and only thing you need the umbrella is to keep yourself shaded. eight miles visibility and everyone else is ten miles visibility. walnut creek is clear. clouds have a harder time filling in the east bay valley. sunshine is what we have this afternoon with temperatures close to average warming it up another day tomorrow and then it will be cooler-than-average wednesday through saturday the better part of the week. in the south by this remain on, it is 60 in mountain view and 61 in sunnyvale and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50's which is the same case everywhere, a little bit cooler in calistoga and novato and bodega bay at 51. today, you can see the cloud cover heads to the san mateo so there is the possibility of flight arrival delays because of cloud cover. as we go through the morning
hours, it pulls to the coast by 11:00 and we will see a few holes developing in the should cover so partly sunny and 50's and 70's and 70's and 80's the rest of our neighborhood and brighter away from the coast. the south bay will be low-to-mid 80's and 86 in los gatos and 78, just short of the 80's in milpitas. san jose is 83 degrees. low-to-mid 70's for millbrae and san mateo and upper 70's to near 80 for the peninsula. 62 at half moon bay a warmer spot along the peninsula coast and 59 in daly city. to the sunset at 60, and 67 on the other side downtown 72 in san francisco and temperatures hang out around 58 in bodega bay and upper 70's to low 80's through the north bay valley. along the east bay shore, mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valley and 90 around antioch and brentwood and live more. we welcome the mosts to at&t
park at 6:15 first pitch with increasing clouds and dropping to 58. most of us are in the 50's again tomorrow and by tomorrow afternoon we warm up a couple of degrees but nothing too out rageous dropping a few degrees on wednesday and more so inland on thursday and by sunday we will warm back to where we should be for this time of the year. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> we will take a trip around the bay and look at all of our drive times, with the bay bridge toll plaza a loading up of traffic from emeryville with the cash-paying lanes. you can see the fast track lanes in the middle are moving fine. in the golden gate bridge, that is nine-minute trip away from emeryville to san francisco. the golden gate bridge shows wide open and clear with a few extra folk on the road and san mateo 12 minutes between hayward
and foster city and we do have more company but traffic is moving smoothly at 11 minutes from eastbound to westbound on the dumbarton. >> we have breaking news in oakland. we are over the scene on east 21st street in oakland where we understand there is some sort of shooting. though details are available yet. you can see a large police response with several police vehicles. we continue to follow this and we will bring you any details on who was shot and if there were any victims or conditions. we will follow that closely for. >> we could learn today if the new eastern span of the begin -- bay bridge will open labor day weekend. there will be a briefing to lawmakers this morning over why bolts cracked in march. the committee report will indicate how long officials
thing it will take to install steel saddles around the broken bolts. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that the man working on the bolts said they cannot guarantee the fix will be done in time for september 3 opening. >> bart is running on time the first full weekday since they end add 4 1/2 day strike but the threat that union worker could walk off the job again remains and bart management and workers have until august 4 to work out a deal. bart employees are work under the old contract and the two sides remain far apart open issues including wages and employee safety and pension contribution. >> a trip that had pope francis on a bet this morning. >> an appeal to help victims of asiana flight 214. >> the wife of the secretary of state who is the heir to the heinz
>> the san francisco department of public health is offering grief counselling to anyone who witnessed the crash who has been affected by it including travelers and airports workers and staff and first responders. anyone who needs help should call 311 and ask for mental health counseling. 17 counselors went to the crash to help victims. >> bay area blood bags are
appealing for blood donations for the crash victims especially o negative birthday -- blood to help with subjectries. a spokesman says that all appointments were taken in san francisco center and the millbrae center opened their doors to donors afternoon amendment you can express your support for victims of asiana flight 214 by sharing this badge on facebook. it is also on google plus. >> time to get out the door this monday morning. >> great start. we will watch fog to see if there are delays because of the cloud deck this morning. temperatures show a warming trend today from one degree in san francisco and fremont and concord tops at 87 and oakland is at 74 and san jose at 83, four degrees warmer than yesterday. nothing is out of control. that goes for the entire state.
in fresno at 104 and yosemite at 1309 and 114 in palm springs. in tahoe, sunshine and 83. safe travels. >> a back to work monday and bart is back up and running. we have slows of traffic. we will go from good to bad and the drive time traffic along 580 from tracy to dublin is 45 minute commute and getting busy. 24 minutes from antioch to concord and clear on 101 northbound from 85 to the san jose airport. outside it is a shot at 87 coming beyond the julian off-ramp up to the tank with busy conditions but it is still clear and at top speeds. >> walnut creek police investigated the death of a paraglider. police received a call of an
accident last night after the glider clapped and he slammed into the face of a cliff. the man is unidentified and in his 50's. he did not survive the injuries at the medical instrument ought wife of secretary of state john kerry is at a boston hospital this morning in critical but stable condition. she was gallon to massachusetts general last night from a hospital in nantucket. doctors stabilized her but gave no further details. secretary john kerry was with her. she is heir to the heinz ketchup fortune at 74. >> texas governor and former republican presidential hopeful rick perry will reveal what is next in his career. he will announce in san antonio whether he try for another term as governor or run for president in 2016. he was expected to reveal the lands in late downbut he pushed back the announcement while he tried to pass a controversial abortion bill.
the texas legislature is meeting in special session today to take up the abortion measure again. >> next at 6:00, several new developments in the asiana airlines crash and ahead the new video just released by the ntsb and what we are learning of the possible pilot error. >> later, the change facebook is rolling out this morning that every user will notice.
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, video from the ntsb shows the wreckage of flight 214. we are learning how much experience or perhaps how little experience the pilot of the flight had with that type of
aircraft. >> two days sin the crash and passengers at sfo still face delays. >> survival strategy for a plane crash. experts reveal to abc7 news what you should do in case you find yourself in a worst-case-scenario. it is god to know. at 6:00, thanks for joining us. >> first up on this monday morning a check on the forecast. mike? >> nice to see you all. live doppler 7 hd showing it is dry this morning. we will talk about temperatures the next 12 hours around the bay we are going to wake up with clouds and 56 and sunshine by noon and lingering clouds around civilian and 70 and near normal, 76 and mid-to-upper 70's by 4:00 and in the upper 80's with a few clouds spilling in from the coast during the evening hours. the next 12 hours, most our clouds are in the north by and 58, and sunny and 80 by noon, an